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Created by Mâitre Glaciers, Mӧvenpick ice-creams are produced for the menus of haute cuisine, using unique recipes. Each flavor is a masterpiece of culinary inspiration, a work of gastronomic art. The chefs at Mӧvenpick are top-notch chocolatiers and patissiers, who bring together their culinary expertise to create delectable flavours which are at once intense, delicate […]


Früktville’s 100% natural, handcrafted ice pops come in interesting flavors such as Tamarind Chilli, Masala Chai Pop and Kulfi. Every mouthful of these popsicles is an absorbing, intensely pleasurable experience, so good that you can’t help but share it with those you love. Cosset yourself in an indulgence that is exceptionally nutritious as well as […]

Gelato Vinto

Gelato Vinto is a fresh, innovative concept for its customers. Though made from the same ingredients as frozen dessert, taste of this Italian marvel reveal that gelato and frozen dessert are distinctively different.