Nice place to be around with family. Some great places to eat. Music and Dance shows in the courtyard also make it a fun place to be at. Ample parking space - Bhushan Arora

Great place for shopping.. Almost all top brand products available. There is a separate area to have some snacks/ meal. Hard rock cafe for music & drinks. - Pushkar Kumar

Very nice place in the up market location of Delhi... Awesome food and drinks options. You must try the beer joint here which offer more than 100 different beer options. - kunal pimpalkar

This is one of my favorite places in South Delhi. Great for shopping because the best brands are there. But especially the atmosphere is fantastic, cool and friendly. Lots of restaurants and cafes.. My first real date with a dear person for me was also there, we were having dinner at Papaya! - Asya Suvorova

My family enjoys visiting CITYWALK. We've gone shopping for home goods, gone for kids to play, on dates (at places like the Big Chill), or even to just relax and hang out with friends. There's a wide selection of shop from name brand to luxury brands you'll find a large variety of options. Their food court, as somewhat common in malls requires the purchase and loading of a card. - Jon Winslow

One of the city's first upscale malls. Select has pretty much everything you'd need on a mall day out. The food court is okay though but there are plenty of restaurants in the mall to dine at. The best part though is that it is well connected to the two adjoining malls - ankit gupta

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