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This is one of my favorite places in South Delhi. Great for shopping because the best brands are there. But especially the atmosphere is fantastic, cool and friendly. Lots of restaurants and cafes.. My first real date with a dear person for me was also there, we were having dinner at Papaya! - Asya Suvorova

Its a nice place to spend time at. Looks best during the evening with all those beautiful lights. There's a variety of Shopping centres and structures one would like to visit. There are pubs and take-away points. Hard-rock Cafe is just so close - Anagh Tripathi

Who doesn't know about this place. It's a hub for all good brands. On some specific days flea market could be seen. Nicely maintained and always done with artistic things - Priyanka Kumar

Cosmetic and experience the ambience and the mood of making a day worth spending with your dearies. One stop for most of the needs. Take a stroll or sit and have a long talk or chat with friends or the better half. Night is more enjoyable. - Gaikhangam Kamei

"A typical Mall with the usual brand shops. This mall differs slightly from other Malls in that it has a better food court and many more, small restaurants. The Mall is flanked on either side, by two more Malls with a ""walk through"" connectivity - so you need to park once and be able to check out all three Malls. Valet parking as well as adequate underground parking is available. On festival days and many weekends this mall has an attractive flea market. Check mall listings for this." - Neeraj Sharma

Even after years, one of the best shopping malls in Delhi. The architecture and ambience here ensures that you end up spending a lot of time (and money) here. The outdoor area is often utilised for events and special markets. Has a multiplex, ample parking space and two other malls strutting it - Sarthak Kalucha

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